kancil mencuri timun? series – art prints

S01-AP00 – IDR 60K

this print is a reproduction of my original illustration for kancil mencuri timun? art book. the prints size is just the same size as the original.

this art print would look wonderful when framed, and can be displayed in a number of ways. i believe this will look especially nice for nursery or a child’s room wall decoration.

the poster also serves as an inspirations for a children story telling. so please be kind enough and tell to children your own version of the kancil mencuri timun story with the help of this poster! :D also feel free to let the children drawing on the prints while telling the story. it is really going be a fun way to introduce story telling to them!

  • art prints of original (marker+watercolor+acrylic paint on paper) illustrations, 
  • printed on tri slov prime art  paper glossy 200 gr.
  • measures 80×28.5cm
  • if you wish, i may sign and date the print on the back.
  • real colors may slightly differ from their appearance on your display!

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